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Repetitive strain injuries compensation

With the huge rise in the number of computers used by most firms and businesses throughout Australia it was inevitable that the number of RSI (repetitive strain injury) compensation claims would rise with it.

The largest contributor to the repetitive strain section of work compensation claims is poor research into counter-measures by employers. As an employee it is your right to work in a safe environment and it is the duty of your employers to provide that safety. If an employer requires you to spend eight hours a day sitting at a desk working on a computer then it is their responsibility to ensure that all possible measures are taken to avoid repetitive strain injuries.

A common example of repetitive strain disorder in relation to computers is that of pain in the wrist due to repeatedly typing on a keyboard or the continued use of a mouse. Some even find that this spreads up to the shoulder and back. This syndrome can be avoided through the use of ergonomic chairs, keyboards, mice and other ergonomic office equipment. It is in an employer's interests to provide stress-saving items to vulnerable staff as the liability for the resulting repetitive stress on the muscles and joints will be on them and their insurance policies. Injuries involving repetition in the workplace often result in the individual being unable to work for some time after the strain and stress first sets in which is where the loss of earnings and future loss of earnings part of the RSI compensation claim has to be taken into consideration.

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