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Sport and leisure injuries compensation

To some, sport is a way of life. To others, sport helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep fit. To many, it is a means of partaking in a fun, harm-free recreational activity and doing something to be enjoyed. Whichever category you fit into, the onus is on you to be aware of the risks you take. By partaking in the sport, you accept the risk of being injured as a result of an accident. However, through no fault of your own, personal injury may still occur. So if you have suffered personal injury as a result of a sporting accident or injury please complete our FREE online Injuries Compensation Enquiry Form to find out what your compensation entitlements might be.

Hundreds of people are injured every week whist partaking in some professional or recreational activity, ranging from contact sports like football and rugby to horse riding and skiing. If you have been injured as a result of someone else's negligence or recklessness, you can pursue them for compensation for your personal injuries and resulting losses, for example, loss of earnings.

Broadly speaking, sport injury compensation claims can be made in situations where:

  • Your opponent in a football, soccer or rugby match makes a dangerous tackle, i.e. he or she did something that is illegitimate, negligent or intentional, and against the rules of the game.
  • Your injury could have been avoided if the referee had policed the game better.  Referees, coaches and other team players owe a duty of care to players to take reasonable care for their safety.
  • You or your children are injured as a result of unsafe premises on which they are playing sports.
  • You or your children are learning a new sport and an injury is caused because of an inadequately trained instructor.
  • Injury is caused to your child as a result of poor supervision by their PE teacher.
  • The playing surface or viewing area was of poor condition.
  • There was reckless or malicious behaviour by another player.
  • There was inadequate training or supervision.
  • There was negligent medical advice or treatment given.
  • Injury is caused to you or your child as a result of poorly maintained gym, exercise and fitness equipment.
  • You sustained an injury whilst participating in heavily regulated sports like boxing and mixed martial arts (mma). There is normally a duty on the regulatory body to take reasonable steps to minimise or control (by rules or directions) the risks inherent in the sport.
  • You sustained an injury whilst participating in a league or organised sport. The organiser, governing body, club or Local Authority can be liable for the acts of its employees including referees and players.

What should I do?– Complete your FREE online Injuries Compensation Enquiry Form.

There is always a risk in playing any type of sport.  But if you have an accident while playing or watching sport and it was not your fault, you may be entitled to claim for compensation.

If you have suffered an injury you could be entitled to a significant compensation payout. By completing your FREE online Injuries Compensation Enquiry Form, you will find out whether you have a claim for personal injury compensation. Our no obligation service is completely FREE of charge. There are time limits for the making of compensation claims. So don’t wait till it’s too late. Take advantage of our free service and complete your FREE online Injuries Compensation Enquiry Form, now!

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